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Fig. 6

From: Extracellular vesicles from maternal uterine cells exposed to risk factors cause fetal inflammatory response

Fig. 6Fig. 6

Immunocytochemical staining for exosome uptake by AECs. Representative images showing the AECs taking up DiO-labeled (green) decidual (A) and myometrial (B) cell-derived exosomes (106 exosomes per 50,000 cells) after each treatment, and the co-localization of DiO with cytoplasmic marker protein cytokeratin-18 (red) 4 h after each treatment. DAPI (blue) detects cell nuclei. The line graphs show overlap between DiO, CK-18 and DAPI in the cells. Close-up images are shown in the insets. Scale bar = 100 µm

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