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Table 3 LncRNAs involved in the regulation of cardiac fibrosis mediated by TGFβ/WNT signaling pathways

From: TGF-β and WNT signaling pathways in cardiac fibrosis: non-coding RNAs come into focus

LncRNAs Expression (up/down) Function Model Anti- fibrotic or Pro-fibrotic Reference
n379519 Up Sponged miR-30/Activated TGFβ signaling pathway TGFβ
MI/ Rat CFs
Pro [196]
Taurine Upregulated Gene 1 (TUG1) Up Sponged miR-29c/Activated TGFβ signaling pathway Congenital human heart tissue, chronic hypoxic mouse CFs Pro [197]
Homeobox A11 antisense (HOXA11-AS) Up Activated TGFβ signaling pathway Mouse CFs Pro [198]
Colorectal neoplasia differentially expressed (Crnde) Down Inhibited the binding of Smad3 to the α-SMA gene promoter via interacting with rSBEs DCM/Human, mouse/CFs Anti [199]