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Table 5 Cell cycle, DNA replication and mismatch repair genes negatively correlated to DLG2 expression, common to NB primary datasets 1–3 (GSE49710, GSE16476 and GSE89413) and the human embryogenesis dataset (GSE15744)

From: Low DLG2 gene expression, a link between 11q-deleted and MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma, causes forced cell cycle progression, and predicts poor patient survival

Gene symbolGene functionCellular process
BUB1, BUB1BMitotic checkpoint serine/threonine kinaseMitotic checkpoint
CCNA2Cyclin A2, G1/S to G2/M transitionCell cycle regulation
CCNB1Cyclin B1, G2/M transitionCell cycle regulation
CDC20Cell division, anaphase regulationChromosome separation
CDK4Cyclin dependent kinase, G1/S phaseCell cycle regulation
DBF4E2F mediated regulation of DNA replicationDNA replication
ESPL1Sister chromatid cohesion and separationChromosome separation
EXO1Exonuclease 1DNA repair
LIG1DNA ligase, DNA replication and repairDNA replication
MCM2, MCM3, MCM5, MCM7Initiation of genome replicationDNA replication
MSH6Mismatch recognitionDNA repair
POLD2DNA polymerase deltaDNA replication
PRKDCDNA-dependent protein kinaseDNA repair
POLA1, POLA2DNA polymerase alphaDNA replication
RFC3, RFC4Replication factor, DNA elongationDNA replication
TP53Tumor suppressor, DNA bindingCell cycle regulation