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Fig. 5

From: The critical role of RasGRP4 in the growth of diffuse large B cell lymphoma

Fig. 5

Knockdown of RasGRP4 inhibits DLBCL growth in vivo. (a) Knockdown of RasGRP4 led to a profound suppression of tumor growth in the shRNA-2 group. (b and c) Tumor volume and weight were significantly reduced in the shRNA-2 group. (d) Representative images of WB analysis of the MAPK signaling pathway in tumor tissues isolated from mice bearing RasGRP4-knockdown tumors and control tumors. (e) Quantification of ERK, JNK, and their phosphorylation (in d). (f) Quantification of the phosphorylation ratio for ERK and JNK (in d). Decrease in the P-ERK:ERK ratio and increase in the P-JNK:JNK ratio was observed in tumor tissues with RasGRP4-knockdown cells. Densitometry was assessed using ImageJ software. N indicates the number of independent experiments. **P < 0.01, *P < 0.05

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