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Fig. 4

From: WDR76 degrades RAS and suppresses cancer stem cell activation in colorectal cancer

Fig. 4

WDR76 regulates the RAS protein level and downstream signaling pathway activities in CRC cells. a Immunohistochemical staining of Ras in intestinal sections of ApcMin/+and ApcMin/+; K-RasG12DLA2 mice and quantifications of Ras expression using Image J. * p < 0.05. b Immunohistochemical staining of RAS in intestinal sections of from human patients with CRC microarray and quantification of RAS expression using Image J. * p < 0.05. a-b Western blot of extracts from CRC cell lines SW480, DLD-1, and HCT116 transiently transfected with Flag-Control (Control) or Flag-WDR76 (WDR76 OE) a and shControl-GFP (Control) or shWDR76-GFP (WDR76 KD) b using the indicated antibodies

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