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Fig. 6

From: Connecting lysosomes and mitochondria – a novel role for lipid metabolism in cancer cell death

Fig. 6

Glutamine deprivation sensitizes cancer cells towards V-ATPase inhibition. a Dose response curves for Arch treatment were determined after 72 h. Dose response curves for Arch in the presence or absence (DMSO) of a constant concentration of BPTES (5 μM), UK5099 (4 μM) or etomoxir (6 μM) of HUH7 (b), BxPC3 (c) and Panc03.27 (d) were determined after 72 h (a-d) Cell viability was analyzed by CellTiter Blue assay. IC50 values were calculated by non-linear curve-fit using GraphPad Prism. HUH7 (e), BxPC3 (f) and Panc 03.27 (g) were treated as indicated for 48 h. Apoptotic cells were determined by Nicoletti assay. h HUH7, BxPC3 and Panc03.27 were treated as indicated for 24 h, stained for mitochondria and nuclei and analyzed by confocal microscopy. Scale bar 10 μm. Values are the mean + SEM of three independent experiments. p* < 0.05 (One-way ANOVA, Tukey post test)

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