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Fig. 1

From: Pre-clinical blocking of PD-L1 molecule, which expression is down regulated by NF-κB, JAK1/JAK2 and BTK inhibitors, induces regression of activated B-cell lymphoma

Fig. 1

a Clustering of genes from the Immune Escape Gene Signature published by C Laurent et al. for LMP1/CD40 and CD19_Cre mice. The specific cluster for LMP1/CD40-expressing mice is highlighted in red. PD-L1 is pointed by the arrow. b Analysis of IL-10 and PD-L1 expression by RT-QPCR and (c) western-blot analysis of PD-L1 expression from 12-month-old CD19_Cre and LMP1/CD40-expressing mice. d Left panel, overlay example of PD-L1 monoparametric histograms gated on B220 B-cells. Right panel, flow cytometry Mean Fluorescence Intensity (MFI) of PD-L1 on B-cells from 12-month-old control CD19_Cre and transgenic LMP1/CD40-expressing mice. Labelling with isotype antibody (Iso). Statistical significance was determined by unpaired t-test (***P < 0.001)

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