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Fig. 6

From: A p53/TIAF1/WWOX triad exerts cancer suppression but may cause brain protein aggregation due to p53/WWOX functional antagonism

Fig. 6

p53 abolishes WWOX-induced SMAD promoter activation. a NCI-H1299 cells were transiently overexpressed with TIAF1-ECFP, p53-DsRed, and/or WWOX-ECFP in the presence of a SMAD promoter plasmid with EGFP as a reporter. WWOX and TIAF1 induced the SMAD promoter activation, and that p53 abolished the activation. In a positive control, Smad4 induced the promoter activation. b In parallel, WWOX-induced Samd4 promoter activation was blocked by p53 in L929 cells. c Similarly, COS7 cells were transfected with Smad4-ECFP and the SMAD promoter construct, in the presence or absence of p53, p53ΔS46, and/or TIAF1. d In summary, data shows 1) p53 blocks WWOX-mediated SMAD promoter activation, 2) TIAF1 blocks Smad4-mediated SMAD promoter activation, 3) p53 or p53ΔS46 increases Smad4-mediated SMAD promoter activation, and 4) TIAF1 blocks p53 or p53ΔS46-increased Smad4-mediated SMAD promoter activation. SP = SMAD promoter

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