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Fig. 4

From: Connexin30 and Connexin43 show a time-of-day dependent expression in the mouse suprachiasmatic nucleus and modulate rhythmic locomotor activity in the context of chronodisruption

Fig. 4

Cx43- and Cx30- immunoreaction in the SCN in constant light (LL). a Representative photomicrographs of Cx30- and Cx43-Immunoreaction (Ir) in the SCN of C57Bl/6 mice kept under LL. Scale bar: 300 μm. b Quantification of Cx30-Ir in the SCN. c Quantification of Cx43-Ir in the SCN. Data are expressed as mean +/− SEM of n = 3 mice per time point. Significant differences among different time points were analysed by one way ANOVA. There were no significant differences in Cx30- or Cx43-Ir levels among different time points under LL conditions

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