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Fig. 3

From: Overexpression of MTA1 inhibits the metastatic ability of ZR-75-30 cells in vitro by promoting MTA2 degradation

Fig. 3

NE is responsible for MTA1 induced MTA2 downregulation. a Overexpression of MTA1 decreased the protein stability of MTA2. b Treatment of ZR-75-30-MTA1 cells with MG132 (5 μM, 12 h) increased the protein level of MTA1 but did not increase that of MTA2. c Schematic diagram of the proteases predicted to cleave MTA2 at PROSPER website.NE is predicted to have the most cleavage sites in MTA2. d Overexpression of NE downregulated MTA2 and MTA1. e NE specific inhibitor sivelestat treatment restored MTA2, and upregulated MTA1, in ZR-75-30-MTA1 cells in a dose dependent manner. f NE knockdown increased the protein level of MTA2 and MTA1. g MTA2 located exclusively in nuclei. Detected by ICC. Scale bars = 25 μm. h MTA2 and NE co-localized in cytoplasm. Scale bars = 25 μm

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