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Fig. 6

From: Conditional ablation of p130Cas/BCAR1 adaptor protein impairs epidermal homeostasis by altering cell adhesion and differentiation

Fig. 6

Schematic model of p130Cas-dependend alterations in skin homeostasis. p130Cas loss in basal keratinocytes leads to an alteration in integrin and cadherin adhesive platforms, reflected by reduced ECM attachment and aberrant formation of cell-cell junctions. These signaling hubs are important regulators of p63 and YAP, key determinants of keratinocyte commitment to differentiation. Consistently, epidermal p130Cas loss induces an amplification of premature differentiation-committed keratinocytes characterized by increased proliferation, reduced basal p63 expression and ectopic suprabasal YAP nuclear localization. The altered balance between keratinocyte proliferation and differentiation promotes epidermal thickening in mutant mice

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