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Fig. 1

From: MSC stimulate ovarian tumor growth during intercellular communication but reduce tumorigenicity after fusion with ovarian cancer cells

Fig. 1

a NODscid mouse tumors were derived following injection of human SK-OV-3GFP ovarian cancer cells in comparison to a co-injection of SK-OV-3GFP and MSC060616wt in MSC medium. b Tumor weight of SK-OV-3GFP-induced mouse tumors was compared to tumors after co-injection. Significance (p) was calculated by the mean ± s.d. (n = 4) using student’s t-test. c Formation of distant metastases was detected by GFP-fluorescence evaluation in thin sections from organ tissues and exemplary pictures from tissue thin section phase contrast/fluorescence microscopy of liver metastases are documented (arrows). Bars represent 200 μm

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