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Fig. 2

From: TNFAIP8 promotes the proliferation and cisplatin chemoresistance of non-small cell lung cancer through MDM2/p53 pathway

Fig. 2

TNFAIP8 expression predicted survival in NSCLC. a High TNFAIP8 levels are associated with shorter survival in patients with NSCLC. Kaplan-Meier curves showing OS (top) or DFS (bottom) for patients with high and low levels of TNFAIP8 expression. b Kaplan-Meier plots of OS (top) or DFS (bottom) based on the expression levels of TNFAIP8 in NSCLC patients with or without adjuvant chemotherapy. c Survival curves showing the correlation of TNFAIP8 levels with OS (top) or DFS (bottom) in NSCLC patients in different pStage (Stage I, Stage II and Stage III)

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