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Fig. 5

From: Fibroblast growth factor 2 supports osteoblastic niche cells during hematopoietic homeostasis recovery after bone marrow suppression

Fig. 5

FGF signal and HSC niche-related genes were activated in osteoprogenitor cells (Osx+ cells) isolated from 5FU-treated Osx-GFP mice. a FACS analysis to sort GFP-positive cells from Osx-GFP mouse treated with 5FU for 4 days. b Total RNA was isolated from PBS- or 5FU-activated Osx positive cells (osteoprogenitor cells). mRNA expression levels of SDF-1, Angpt1, Vcam1 and Scf related to Gapdh levels were analyzed by qRT-PCR and presented as ratios to the control (PBS) Osx positive cells’ relative value. c RNA-seq analysis of PBS- or 5FU-activated Osx+ cells for Fgfrs. Expression level shown by FPKM (Fragments per kilobase of exon per million fragments mapped). d, e, f Gene expression of Fgfr1–3 using qRT-PCR of Osx+ osteoprogenitor cells from PBS- or 5FU-treated mice for 4 days. g Expression of Ki67 gene in Osx+ progenitor cells from PBS- and 5FU-treated mice for 4 days

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