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Fig. 3

From: Motif mediated protein-protein interactions as drug targets

Fig. 3

Targeting Protein-Protein interactions with Biologics. Panel a; Crystal structure of the complex of Smac homodimer protein with two XIAP BIR3 proteins (PDB: 1G73). The XIAP proteins are shown as a grey surface, with the motif recognition interface highlighted in red. The dimeric Smac is represented in blue cartoon representation. Next to the complex, the 2D molecular representation of the peptidomimetics of Smac in clinical trials is shown. Panel b. Structure of the Stapled p53 Peptide (SAH-p53-8) Bound to Mdm2. (PDB: 3V3B). MDM2 protein surface is displayed in grey with the motif recognition interface highlighted in red. The Stapled peptide is shown as a cartoon representation in blue and the covalent linkage is displayed in licorice representation. Panel c. Structure of the αvβ (3) integrin bound to the Arg-Asp-Gly (RGD) motif of fibrinogen. (PDB: 2VDR). The integrin surface is colored in grey, and the recognition motif interface is highlighted in red. The Fibrinogen binding motif is represented in licorice. Below the complex structure, a 2D representation of the protein-protein interaction macrocyclic inhibitor Cilengitide is shown

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