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Fig. 6

From: Feedback activation of neurofibromin terminates growth factor-induced Ras activation

Fig. 6

Model of Ras deactivation mediated by the feedback-dependent activation of neurofibromin. a Schematic cartoon of the mechanism of Ras activation/deactivation. The scheme depicts the previously reported Erk and/or Rsk-dependent feedback inhibition of GEF (Sos) activation and the feedback stimulation of neurofibromin reported herein. The dotted line linking Erk to neurofbromin symbolizes the presumptive Rsk-independent feedback loop emanating from Erk. See text for details. b Minimal mathematical model describing Ras activation/deactivation mediated by a positive feedback stimulation of Ras-GAP. R-GEF: receptor-GEF complex. See experimental section for details

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