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Table 2 Examples of protein regions involved in phase separation and their functional roles

From: Phase separation in biology; functional organization of a higher order

Domains Sequence/Structural features Role
FG FG/GFGG low complexity repeats Association of P granules to the NPC [74]
RRM Folded domain RNA binding [19, 68]
Coiled-coil Coiled-coil fold Homo/hetero-dimerization [12]
RS RS low complexity repeats RNA binding; protein-protein interactions (Reviewed in [138, 139])
RGG RGG low complexity repeats RNA binding (Reviewed in [140, 141])
HLM Short helical leucine-rich motif LSm domains binding in P granules [49, 75]
SH3 Folded domain PRM motif finding [46]
SH2 Folded domain Phosphorylated tyrosine recognition [46]
PRM Proline-rich short linear motif SH3 domain binding [46]