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Figure 4

From: Stimulus-dependent differences in signalling regulate epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity and change the effects of drugs in breast cancer cell lines

Figure 4

Hypoxia- and EGF-induced metastatic MDA-MB-468 cells show markedly different responses to pharmacological inhibitors. Pharmacological dose–response curves showing the fraction of vimentin-positive cells (blue; left axes) and cell-count (red; right axes) in the presence of (a-c) the MEK inhibitor AZD6244, (d-f) the PI3K inhibitor GDC-0941, (g-i) the AKT1/2/3 inhibitor AZD5363 (j-l) and the mTOR inhibitor Everolimus. (m-o) pharmacological inhibition of vimentin with a combination of MEK-1/2 (AZD6244) and AKT1/2/3 (AZD5363) inhibitors at varying concentrations. (p) pharmacological inhibition of vimentin with a comination of MEK-1/2 (AZD6244) and AKT1 (Akt-i-1) inhibitors at varying concentrations.

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