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Figure 6

From: The transcription factor MITF is a critical regulator of GPNMB expression in dendritic cells

Figure 6

MITF-Inhibition decreases GPNMB gene expression in moDC. moDC were generated in vitro with GM-CSF, IL-4 and DMSO alone (4/GM) with or without IL-10 and additional MITF inhibitor ML329 (MITF-inh.; 600 nM - 2000 nM) or KLF5 expression inhibitor CID (2000 nM) as control and analyzed for GPNMB expression. (A, B) qRT-PCR analysis: relative level of GPNMB mRNA. The mean (±SD) of duplicate measurements is shown. (C) GPNMB protein levels were analyzed by western blotting. GAPDH served as loading control. Exemplary results from at least three independent experiments using different donors are presented.

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