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Figure 4

From: Distinct inhibitory effects on mTOR signaling by ethanol and INK128 in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Figure 4

EtOH and INK128 influence on gene translation in DLBCL cells. Microarray analysis of translationally active (pooled fractions 9–11) polysomal mRNAs following treatment either with EtOH (20 mM) for 48 h or INK128 (40 nM) for 24 h was performed in three independent replicates. (A) Venn diagram comparison of EtOH and INK128 triggered translatome alteration in both SUDHL-2 and SUDHL-4 cell lines; transcripts with significantly (criteria in Material and Methods) increased (red) or decreased (green) translation following treatments when compared to untreated cells. (B) The heat map represents top transcripts with the most altered translation induced by EtOH and INK128. S2, SUDHL-2 cells; S4, SUDHL-4 cells. (C) Examples of genes showing differences in mRNA translation followed by either EtOH or INK128 exposure. (D) Total mRNAs levels of validated genes described in (C), measured by RT-qPCR in cells treated with EtOH or INK128 compared to untreated cells. Graphs represent the mean and standard error of the mean from three repeats of three independent experiments.

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