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Figure 7

From: INPP4B suppresses prostate cancer cell invasion

Figure 7

Decreased PSA and INPP4B expression in a patient tissue derived xenograft line, LTL-418, following castration. (A) IHC staining shows decreased PSA expression and decreased nuclear expression of AR following castration. Scale bar, 100 μm. (B-D) Quantitative PCR shows an increase in AR (B), decrease in PSA (C), and decrease in INPP4B (D) expression in LTL-418 xenografts after one (Cx1W) or three (Cx3W) weeks of castration compared to noncastrated control animals. ***P < 0.0001, two-tailed Student’s t test. (E) Survivn (BIRC5) expression was analyzed using Oncomine and the Grasso Prostate Dataset GSE35988. FC – fold change.

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