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Figure 4

From: The Dioxin receptor modulates Caveolin-1 mobilization during directional migration: role of cholesterol

Figure 4

AhR and Cav-1 co-localize at the cell periphery in fibroblast cells. (A) T-FGM-AhR+/+ cells were grown on glass coverslips and analyzed for the co-localization of AhR and Cav-1 by immunofluorescence using Fluoview F1000 confocal microscopy. Cells were incubated with anti-Cav1 or anti-AhR primary antibodies and then with secondary antibodies coupled to Alexa 488 or Alexa 647, respectively. Signals obtained for each individual protein have been merged on the right panel. (B) The same immunofluorescences were done in parallel in T-FGM AhR?/? fibroblasts. Note the absence of receptor expression in AhR?/? cells. Arrowheads in panel A indicate areas of the cell membrane with apparent AhR and Cav-1 co-localization. DAPI staining was used to label cell nuclei. The experiments were done in triplicate in two cultures of each genotype and different areas of the cultures were analyzed.

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