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Table 4 Results of the fitting process for the integrative model

From: Agent-based modeling of autophagy reveals emergent regulatory behavior of spatio-temporal autophagy dynamics

  Relative creation rate phagophores Relative creation rate lysosomes Relative degradation rate autolysosomes Relative lysosomal positioning Resulting difference free nutrients
FM 1 1 1 0% 0
FM?+?BAF 1.61 1.2 0.1 + 2.2% 4.4
ND 4.86 2.98 12.04 + 5.25% 10.5
ND?+?BAF 6.63 3.6 2.61 + 8.55% 17.1
  1. The relative change of the creation rate of phagophores and lysosomes, the degradation rate of autolysosomes and of lysosomal positioning for FM with BAF and ND with and without BAF which obtain the best fitness values are shown in comparison to FM conditions.