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Figure 10

From: The cannabinoid receptors agonist WIN55212-2 inhibits macrophageal differentiation and alters expression and phosphorylation of cell cycle control proteins

Figure 10

FACS analysis of ICAM-1 and CD11b expression in PMA-induced U937 cells co-incubated with WIN55212-2. Differentiation of U937 cells was induced by 25 nM PMA with or without co-incubation with 3 μM or 5 μM WIN55212-2 with or without 2 μM AM251 (CB1 inhibition) and/or 2 μM AM630 (CB2 inhibition). ICAM-1 (figure 10ab) and CD11b (figure 10cd) expression were measured according to the manufacturer's protocols by flow cytometry.

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