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Figure 6

From: Function, regulation and pathological roles of the Gab/DOS docking proteins

Figure 6

Potential functional effects of Gab phosphorylation. (A/B) Phosphorylation of one residue affects the phosphorylation of a nearby residue in either a positive or antagonistic fashion. (C) Phosphorylation-induced conformational changes by the cis/trans peptidyl-prolyl-isomerase PIN-1. (D) Phosphorylation affects the composition of multi-protein complexes, e.g. by phosphorylation-induced conformational changes or the creation of docking sites, e.g. for proteins with SH2, PTB, or WW domains or for 14-3-3 proteins. IP A and IP B stand for interaction partners A and B, respectively. For details refer to text.

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