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Figure 13

From: Cyclosporin A differentially inhibits multiple steps in VEGF induced angiogenesis in human microvascular endothelial cells through altered intracellular signaling

Figure 13

Effect of VEGF on NFAT, p65 subunit of NFκB, c-fos and c-Jun in HIMEC. Immunofluorescence staining was used to visualize nuclear translocation following VEGF induced activation of NFAT, and the p65 subunit of NFκB and AP-1 component (c-fos and c-Jun) of HIMEC. In unstimulated HIMEC, NFATp was detected in cytoplasm, and following VEGF activation was translocated to the nucleus, whereas TNF-α/LPS activation of HIMEC did not result in nuclear NFAT translocation. CsA pre-treatment resulted in abrogation of the NFATp nuclear translocation following VEGF stimulation.

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