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Table 3 miR-125b associated with oncogenic and tumor suppressive signaling in cancer

From: Good guy or bad guy: the opposing roles of microRNA 125b in cancer

Tumor type Direction of misregulation miR-125b targets Comments Ref.
Brain tumors Up in ATRA differentiated glioblastoma cell lines Bmf Regulator of apoptosis [31]
  Up Connexin43 Anti-apoptotic, pro-proliferative [65]
  Up in neuroblastoma cells p53 Regulator of apoptosis [32]
  Down MAZ Regulator of angiogenesis [18]
  Down in glioma stem cells CDK6 and CDC25A Regulator of stem cell proliferation [66]
Prostate cancer Up in androgen-independent prostate cancer Bak1 Pro-proliferative [67]
  Up p14ARF Pro-proliferative, anti-apoptotic [68]
  Down in androgen-treated prostate cancer cells IGF1R Anti-proliferative [69]
  Down NA Translational control [70]
  1. NA: not analyzed.