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Figure 1

From: Panx1 regulates neural stem and progenitor cell behaviours associated with cytoskeletal dynamics and interacts with multiple cytoskeletal elements

Figure 1

Panx1 is differentially expressed in VZ migrating neuroblasts. (A) Cartoon representation of a caudal section, with the ventricular zone magnified to show cell distribution. The progression from NSC/NPC to immature neuron is depicted below, with associated cell behaviours outlined. (B) Cartoon representation of a sagittal section with the rostral migratory stream from ventricular zone to olfactory bulb outlined, and associated cell behaviours depicted below. Confocal images of cryosectioned P60 mouse dorso-lateral VZ immunostained for Panx1 and Dcx. Panx1 was more strongly co-expressed in migratory Dcx+ cells in the (C) rostral and (D) mid VZ compared to (E) caudal sections. V: ventricle, cc: corpus callosum, str: striatum. Hoechst 33342 was used as a nuclear counterstain. All scalebars are 10 μm.

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