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Table 2 Steady-state protein concentrations

From: Exploring the rate-limiting steps in visual phototransduction recovery by bottom-up kinetic modeling

Molecular species # molecules Concentration (μM)
Arr 3.82e7 63.4
Arrdi 4.04e7 67.1
Arrtetra 4.52e7 75.1
RK 8e3 0.01
RecRCa · RK 3.99e6 6.6
RecRCa 1.87e6 3.1
RecT 1.41e7 23.4
  1. Steady-state concentrations of Arr, RK and Rec in their various modeled states when no stimulus is presented. The model tracks molecular counts of each of these species. Equivalent micromolar concentrations were calculated using a rod photoreceptor outer segment volume of 1pL.