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Figure 5

From: The role of LPA and YAP signaling in long-term migration of human ovarian cancer cells

Figure 5

PP1A was involved in LPA-induced dpYAP and cell migration. A, Starved OVCA433 cells were treated with LPA (10 μM) for different times, and pMst1/2 and pLats were analyzed by Western blot. B, Starved OVCA433 and OVCAR5 cells were pretreated with OA (100 nM, 1 hr), followed by LPA (10 μM, 2 hr). pYAP and pTAZ were analyzed by Western blot. C, OVCA433 cells were treated as described in (B) and the effect of OA on cell migration was tested. *** P < 0.001. D, OVCA433 cells were transfected with control, PP1A, or PP2A siRNAs for 48 hr. The cells were starved for 16 hr and treated with or without LPA (10 μM, 2 hr). Cell lysates were analyzed by Western blot for pYAP. E, Specific down-regulation of PP1A or PP2A proteins. F, OVCA433 cells were transfected with the vector or the ca-RhoA plasmid, and then treated with or without OA (100 nM, 4 hr). RhoA expression was examined in cell lysates by Western blot analyses.

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