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Box 5 Key questions about exosomes-based therapies

From: A review on exosomes application in clinical trials: perspective, questions, and challenges

What is large-scale constant preparation methods for DCs-derived exosomes?

What are the specific international guidelines for the administration of the generation and application of immunotherapy?

What is/are the pharmacokinetic of the DCs-exosomes in patients? Though these exosomes may influence T cell zones of secondary lymphoid organs successfully, they may have reached to DCs of the lymphatic sinus the macrophages of the subcapsular sinus or where they interact with innate lymphocytes. Therefore, the biodistribution of the administered DCs-exosomes requisite further exploration

How to produce immortalized DCs line library for continuous producing exosomes?

What is/are the best way/s to increase the efficiency of DCs-exosome in cancer therapy? Such combinational therapies as modified exosomes may increase the efficiency of cancer therapy