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Table 1 The effects of circRNAs on molecular and signaling mechanisms involved in GBM progression

From: Circular RNAs and glioblastoma multiforme: focus on molecular mechanisms

CircRNA Function Signaling pathway Expression Target GBM-related cellular process References
circHIPK3 Sponging miRNA -654 IGF2/PI3K/Akt Upregulated Induces the proliferation, invasion, and tumor propagation [115]
Hsa_circ_0067934 PI3K/AKT Upregulated Induces cancer cell proliferation and metastasis [116]
circ-AKT3 PI3K/AKT Downregulated Inhibits the proliferation, radiation resistance and tumorigenicity [117]
circNT5E Sponging miRNA -422a SOX4/PI3KCA Upregulated Promoted proliferation, migration, and invasion/Inhibits the apoptosis [119]
cir-SHKBP1 Sponging miRNA -544a/miRNA -379 PI3K/AKT Upregulated Induces angiogenesis [120]
CircPIP5K1A Sponging miRNA -515-5p TCF12 and PI3K/AKT Upregulated Induces proliferation, invasion, and EMT/Inhibited apoptosis [205]
circ_0037655 Sponging miRNA -214 PI3K Upregulation Induces the viability and invasion of glioma cells [206]
Circ_0000215 Sponging miRNA -495-3p CXCR2/PI3K/Akt Upregulated Induces the proliferation, invasion and EMT/Inhibited apoptosis of glioma cells [207]
circ-ITCH Sponging miRNA -214 Wnt Downregulated Inhibited proliferation, invasion, and migration/Promoted the apoptosis [129]
circ_0000177 Sponging miRNA -638 Wnt Upregulated Induces Proliferation, invasion, glioma growth malignant glioma behaviors [131]
Circ_0043278 Sponged miRNA -638 Wnt Upregulated Promoted the cell migration, proliferation, and invasion [132]
Circ 0,001,730 Sponged miRNA -326 Wnt/β-catenin Upregulated Induces the migration and proliferation of glioma cells [136]
circ0082374 Sponging miRNA -326 Wnt/β-catenin Upregulated Induces viability, migration, invasion and glycolysis in glioma cells [139]
circ-TTBK2 Sponging miRNA -217 MAPKs Upregulated Induces the cell proliferation, migration, and invasion/Inhibited apoptosis [147]
circ-MAPK4 Sponging miRNA -125a-3p MAPKs Upregulated Promoted survival and inhibited apoptosis [150]
circASAP1 Sponging miRNA -502-5p MAPKs Upregulated Promotes cell growth and inhibition of apoptosis [151]
Circ-PITX1 Sponging miRNA -379-5p MAPKs Upregulated Promoting the proliferation/Inhibit apoptosis [152]
circ-ATXN1 Sponging miRNA -526b-3p Upregulated Increased glioma angiogenesis [168]
circ ARF1 Sponging miRNA -342–3p ERK Upregulated Induced angiogenesis [170]
CircSMARCA5 Downregulated Suppresses angiogenesis [173]
circ-EPB41L5 Sponging miRNA -19a circ-EPB41L5/miR-19a/EPB41L5/p-AKT Downregulated Inhibition the proliferation, invasion, migration, metastasis and tumorigenesis [182]
hsa_circ_0008344 Upregulated Induced cell migration, invasion and proliferation, and inhibition the apoptosis [21]
circPARP4 Sponging miRNA -125a-5p Upregulated Promoted proliferation, migration, invasion, and EMT [188]
Circ-UBAP2 Sponging miRNA -1205 and miRNA -382 Upregulated Promoted cell proliferation, migration, invasion, and reduced apoptosis [208]
hsa_circ_0046701 Sponging miRNA -142-3p Upregulated Promoted cell proliferation and invasion [209]
  1. CircRNA, circular RNA; miRNA, microRNA