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Table 1 Differentially expressed miRNAs in neuronal sEVs compared to neurons

From: Differential RNA packaging into small extracellular vesicles by neurons and astrocytes

miRNA Fold change (NE/NC) p-value
mmu-miR-122-5p 335.6 1.6E−3
mmu-miR-122-3p 36.4 2.2E−3
mmu-miR-126a-3p 26.6 8.2E−4
mmu-miR-709 24.7 4.0E−3
mmu-miR-143-3p 24.2 4.1E−6
mmu-miR-365-3p 22.1 1.9E−3
mmu-miR-145a-3p 20.3 2.1E−3
mmu-miR-199a-3p 14.7 7.0E−4
mmu-miR-145a-5p 14.4 3.7E−6
mmu-miR-126a-5p 11.2 2.3E−3
mmu-miR-10a-5p 10.7 9.3E−3
mmu-miR-224-5p 4.6 2.8E−3
mmu-miR-30d-5p 2.4 7.0E−3
mmu-miR-135a-1-3p 2.1 9.5E−3
  1. NC, neurons; NE, sEVs from neurons