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Table 4 Circular RNAs involved in the regulation of cardiac fibrosis mediated by TGFβ/WNT signaling pathways

From: TGF-β and WNT signaling pathways in cardiac fibrosis: non-coding RNAs come into focus

CircRNAs Expression (up/down) Function model Anti- fibrotic Pro-fibrotic Reference
circRNA_010567 Up Regulated TGF-β signaling and ECM synthesis via sponging up miR-141 Diabetic mice myocardium and CFs Pro [178]
CircACTA2 Up Regulated the expression and function of α-SMA, by acting as a decoy for miR-548f-5p.
TGF-β over-expression increased circACTA2.
Rat, mouse, and human VSMCs Pro [13]