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Table 2 miRNAs involved in the regulation of cardiac fibrosis mediated by TGFβ/WNT signaling pathways

From: TGF-β and WNT signaling pathways in cardiac fibrosis: non-coding RNAs come into focus

miRNAs Expression (up/down) Function model Anti- fibrotic Pro-fibrotic Reference
miR-378 Down Activate RTK, GRB-2/TGFβ AngII, TAC/mouse; CFs Anti [179]
miR-101a Down Suppress TGFβ receptor I,
MI, hypoxia/rat Anti [180]
miR-145 Up Suppress TGFβ receptor II Smooth muscle cells;
Ang II/mouse
Anti [181]
miR-675 Down Suppress TGFβ receptor I TGFb /mouse CFs Anti [182]
miR-10a Up Activate TGF-β1/Smads signaling pathway Rat CFs Pro [183]
miR-15 Up Suppress TGFβ receptor I, p38, endoglin, Smad3/7 TAC/mouse Anti [184]
miR-9 Down Suppress TGFβ receptor II High glucose/human CFs Anti [185]
miR-223 Up Suppress RASA1 /Activate RAS and smad signaling pathways MI/ Rat CFs Pro [186]
MiR-323a-3p Up Suppress TIMP3/ActivateTGF-β pathway AngII, TAC/mouse; CFs Pro [187]
miR-202-3p Down Suppress TRPM6, TGFβ1, Smad2 and p- Smad2 Rat myocardial ischemic-reperfusion (I/R) injury Anti [188]
miR-433 Up Activate TGFβ1, ERK, p38 kinase and Smad3 MI/mice Pro [189]
miR-29b Down Suppress Smad3 signaling MI/Rat Anti [190]
miR-495 Down Suppress NOD1, NF-κB and TGFβ1/Smad signaling pathways High glucose/human CFs Anti [191]
miR-154 Up Suppress GSK-3β/ Activate WNT signaling Human CFs Pro [192]
miR-154 Up Suppress DKK2/ Activate WNT signaling Human CFs Pro [193]
miR-199a Up Suppress secreted frizzled-related protein 5 (SFRP5) ISO, Rat CFs Pro [194]
miR-503 Up Activate connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) and TGF-β AngII, TAC/mouse; CFs Pro [195]