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Table 4 GSEA of genes correlated to DLG2 expression in the human embryogenesis dataset (GSE15744)

From: Low DLG2 gene expression, a link between 11q-deleted and MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma, causes forced cell cycle progression, and predicts poor patient survival

KEGG Pathway# correlated genes# pathway genes in totalPercentageCorrected p-value
One carbon pool by folate131776.5%3.3e-05
DNA replication223661.1%5.4e-05
ECM receptor interaction367051.4%1.1e-04
Mismatch repair142263.6%6.4e-04
Protein digestion and absorption336749.3%6.9e-04
Glycolysis Gluconeogenesis275747.4%4.8e-03
Salivary secretion255248.1%5.0e-03
Pyruvate metabolism183551.4%6.3e-03
Cell cycle5012041.7%6.3e-03