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Table 1 Univariate and multivariate analysis of OS in CGGA RNA sequencing dataset, GBM patients wtith chemotherapy

From: Comprehensive profiling identifies a novel signature with robust predictive value and reveals the potential drug resistance mechanism in glioma

VariablesUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
HR (95% CI)p valueHR (95% CI)p value
Risk score2.533 (1.348–4.760)0.0042.578 (1.217–5.462)0.013
Age at diagnosis1.001 (0.974–1.028)0.954
Gender0.675 (0.353–1.293)0.236
TCGA subtype1.014 (0.789–1.304)0.912
MGMT promoter status0.539 (0.295–0.985)0.0450.759 (0.393–1.463)0.410
IDH mutation status0.657 (0.325–1.328)0.242
Radiotherapy0.303 (0.157–0.584)< 0.0010.759 (0.393–1.463)< 0.001