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Table 2 Downstream target genes of Nrf2 in pancreatic cancer

From: Dual roles and therapeutic potential of Keap1-Nrf2 pathway in pancreatic cancer: a systematic review

Functions Downstream target genes Refs
Antioxidant Upregulated: NQO1, HO-1, SOD1, GCLC, HMOX1 [12]
Proliferation Upregulated: NOTCH1, NPNT, BMPR1A, IGF1, ITGB2, PDGFC, VEGFC, JAG1 [53, 54]
Serine and glycine biosynthesis Upregulated: ATF4, PHGDH, PSAT1, PSPH, SHMT1, SHMT2 [55, 56]
Stem cell self-renewal Upregulated: NOTCH1, SIRT1, OCT4, NANOG, SOX2, BMI-1, BCL-2, TERT [57, 58]
Cell cycle arrest Upregulated: CDKN2B, CDKN1A, MDM2 [54, 59, 60]
Apoptosis Upregulated: BCL-2, BCL-xL, HIPK2
Downregulated: NAF-1
Ferroptosis Upregulated: MT-1G, FTL1, TH1, SLC11A3, AKR1C1, GPX4 [62, 63]
Senescence Upregulated: MDM2, NOTCH1 [57, 64]
Autophagy Upregulated: SQSTM1/p62, CALCOCO, ULK1, ATG5, GABARAPL1 [65]
Angiogenesis Upregulated: NQO1, HMOX1, G6PD, PGK, TALDO, SLC7A11, PDGFC, FGF2 [66, 67]
Metastasis Upregulated: NOTCH1, MMP2, MMP9, SPP1, GLO1, CDH2, FN1, TWIST2, SNAI1, SLUG [14, 53, 68, 69]
Drug resistance Upregulated: MRP1, MRP2, MRP3, MRP4, MRP5, ABCG2 [12, 18, 70]
Metabolic reprogramming Upregulated: G6PD, PGD, TKT, TALDO1, ME1, IDH1, PPAT, MTHFD2, GLS
Downregulated: ACL, ACC1, FASN, SCD1, FADS1, FADS2, ELOVL2, ELOVL6
Immune surveillance Upregulated: ATF3, IL-17D
Downregulated: IL-6
[13, 74]
Genome stability Upregulated: OGG1,53BP1 [75, 76]
Proteotoxic stress Upregulated: HMOX1, HSP70, SQSTM1/p62, ATF3, PSMA1, PSMA4, PSMA5, PSMB3, PSMB6, PSMC1, PSMC3, PSMD4, PSMD14, POMP [77,78,79]