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Fig. 4

From: Fibroblast-derived CXCL12 regulates PTEN expression and is associated with the proliferation and invasion of colon cancer cells via PI3k/Akt signaling

Fig. 4

The effect of CXCL12 and PTEN gene silencing on the proliferation of colon cancer cells. (a) The effect of CXCL12 gene silencing on the proliferation of colon cancer cells. HT-29, CaCo-2 and Colo320 cells transfected with PTEN or control siRNA duplex oligoribonucleotide were cultured for 48 h, then cultured in the presence or absence of CXCL12 for 72 h. Cell proliferation was determined by the Premix WST-1 Cell Assay System and absorbance was read at 450 nm. The reference wavelength is 690 nm. (b) The effect of different concentration of recombinant CXCL12 on proliferation of colon cancer cells. HT-29, Colo320 and CaCo-2 cells were cultured in medium containing different concentrations of CXCL12. After 72 h of incubation,the proliferation of colon cancer cells were assessed using premixed WST-1 cell proliferation assay (column mean absorbance reading; Bars = SD). Multiple comparisons were performed by one-way ANOVA followed by the Dunnett test. Bars indicate SD. * p < 0.01, compared with control (0 ng/ml)

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