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Fig. 3

From: Fibroblast-derived CXCL12 regulates PTEN expression and is associated with the proliferation and invasion of colon cancer cells via PI3k/Akt signaling

Fig. 3

siRNA blockage of PTEN expression. The expression of CXCL12 protein in colon cancer cell line after silencing of CXCL12 gene. Knockdown of CXCL12 by CXCL12 siRNA was confrmed by immunoblotting in all three colon cancer cell lines (a) siRNA duplex oligoribonucleotides were transfected into cells for 48 h; the total proteins were extracted and then western blot. The grayscale values of the strips were measured by Image J software (b) Multiple comparisons were performed by one-way ANOVA followed by SNK test. Values are expressed as mean ± SD. Bars indicated SD. * p < 0.01 compared with control. Re-probing with an anti-β-actin antibody served as a control

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