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Fig. 1

From: The critical role of RasGRP4 in the growth of diffuse large B cell lymphoma

Fig. 1

Expression of RasGRP4 in lymphoma and normal tissues. (a) RasGRP4 was the most abundantly expressed protein among the RasGRP family members in lymphoma. (b) Representative images of the expression of RasGRP4 in DLBCL, FL, and Burkitt lymphoma, which was higher than in reactive lymph nodes. DLBCL showed the highest expression level. Scale bars: 1000 μm (above), 125 μm (below). (c) Representative WB images showing that the expression of RasGRP4 protein was significantly higher in DLBCL patients than in controls. (d and e) Representative images showing that RasGRP4 expression was higher in SUDHL-4 and Raji cell lines compared with normal/activated B cells, as determined by flow cytometry and WB. N indicates the number of independent experiments. **P < 0.01

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