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Fig. 5

From: EGF-activated PI3K/Akt signalling coordinates leucine uptake by regulating LAT3 expression in prostate cancer

Fig. 5

Co-localization of LAT3 and pAkt in LNCaP cells. a co-localization of LAT3 and pAkt was examined in LNCaP cells in the presence of EGF. Scale bar = 10 μm. b PLA signals were examined in the pair of mouse pAkt and rabbit Akt as positive control, mouse pAkt and rabbit-IgG (r-IgG), mouse-IgG (m-IgG) and rabbit LAT3 as negative control, rabbit LAT3 and mouse pAkt (Control), and LAT3 and pAkt with EGF (EGF). Scale bar = 50 μm. c quantification of PLA signals in the absence or presence of EGF in LNCaP cells was measured using Volocity. One-way ANOVA was performed. Data are the mean ± SEM, n = 4

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