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Fig. 4

From: Pre-clinical blocking of PD-L1 molecule, which expression is down regulated by NF-κB, JAK1/JAK2 and BTK inhibitors, induces regression of activated B-cell lymphoma

Fig. 4

Analysis of NF-κB/TRAF1, JAK/STAT3, and ERK pathways by western blot from protein extracts of (a) splenocytes from control CD19_Cre and transgenic LMP1/CD40-expressing mice; (b) splenocytes from LMP1/CD40-expressing mice after 48 h in vitro inhibitor treatments (PHA-408, Ruxolitinib and Ibrutinib). GAPDH was used as loading control. c PD-L1 mRNA expression in splenocytes from LMP1/CD40-expressing mice treated by inhibitors (PHA-408, Ruxolitinib and Ibrutinib) compare to untreated cells. Data were expressed in logarithm of fold change. d Flow cytometry Mean Fluorescence Intensity (MFI) of PD-L1 on gated B220+ B-cells after 48 h in vitro inhibitor treatments (PHA-408, ruxolitinib and ibrutinib). Statistical significance was determined by unpaired t-test (***P < 0.001; **P < 0.01)

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