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Fig. 1

From: A p53/TIAF1/WWOX triad exerts cancer suppression but may cause brain protein aggregation due to p53/WWOX functional antagonism

Fig. 1

Altered signaling in Wwox knockout MEF cells. a Wild type MEF Wwox+/+ cells tightly merge with each other and appear squamous. Dividing cells at metaphase are roundish. Similar observations were shown for heterozygous Wwox+/− MEF cells. Knockout Wwox−/− MEF cells exhibit loose cell-cell contacts. b, c Wwox MEF cells were treated with TNFα for 1 h. Protein expression in the TNF pathway is shown. d Under similar conditions, protein expression in the SMAD pathway is shown. Smad3 is constitutively phosphorylated or activated in the knockout cells. e Expression of proteins in the MAPK pathway is shown. P38 is constitutively activated

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