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Table 2 Developmental function and regulation of Ids in different cell lineage in vitro

From: Inhibitor of DNA binding in heart development and cardiovascular diseases

Cell type Treatment Function Regulation Reference
P19CL6 cell Id1/Id1 siRNA transfection Promote/inhibit differentiation toward cardiomyocyte and cell proliferation Up−/down- regulate Gata4, α-MHC, and Isl1 53
mESC Id1 siRNA transfection Inhibit cardiogenic mesoderm differentiation Downregulate Kdr, Mesp1, Snai1, and Cdh11 45
mESC or hESC Id1 transfection Direct ESCs to differentiate toward the cardiogenic mesoderm Upregulate Evx1, Grrp1, Mesp1, and Kdr, inhibit Tcf3 and Foxa2 expression 45
P19 cell Id3 transfection Inhibit cardiomyocyte differentiation Inhibite the Expression of the Gata4, Nkx2.5, and MHC, such inhibition can be rescued by p204 protein 66
P19 cell Crossveinless-2 Promote cardiomyocyte differentiation Inhibit Smad1/5/8 activation and Id1 expression, enhance expression of T, Mesp1, Nkx2.5 and Tbx5 65
  1. α-MHC, α-myosin heavy chain; Cdh11, cadherin 11; Evx1, even-skipped homeobox 1; Foxa2, forkhead box A2; GATA4, GATA binding protein 4; Grrp1, glycine/arginine rich protein 1; Kdr, kinase insert domain receptor; Isl1, ISL LIM homeobox 1; m/hESC, mouse/human embryonic stem cell; Mesp1, mesoderm posterior bHLH transcription factor 1; Nkx2.5, NK2 homeobox 5; Smad1/5/8, SMAD family member 1/5/8; siRNA, small interfering RNA; Snai1, snail family transcriptional repressor 1; T, T-box transcription factor T or brachyury; Tbx5, T-box transcription factor 5; Tcf3, transcription factor 3