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Fig. 3

From: Cold atmospheric plasma and silymarin nanoemulsion synergistically inhibits human melanoma tumorigenesis via targeting HGF/c-MET downstream pathway

Fig. 3

SN (100 nM) and CAP (180 s)-mediated cellular damage studies of G-361 cells. (a) estimating the level of the DNA damage by γ-H2AX marker by flow cytometry (b) Immunocytochemistry (ICC) of γ-H2AX (Red) showing DNA damage by a co-treatment of CAP and SN and counterstaining with DAPI (Blue) to fix cell imaging to visualize the nuclei, using fluorescence microscopy (40X magnification). The scale bar corresponds to 10 mm. (c) Graphical representation of the number of γ-H2AX foci in control and co-treated groups. (d) Cell surface marker PD-1 level quantified using flow cytometry. (e) Melanoma-specific marker DNMT (DNA methyltransferase) was measured using flow cytometry. Student’s t-tests were performed, and the levels of significance are indicated as follows: *, p < 0.05; δ, p < 0.01; and #, p < 0.001

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