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Fig. 1

From: Response to IL-6 trans- and IL-6 classic signalling is determined by the ratio of the IL-6 receptor α to gp130 expression: fusing experimental insights and dynamic modelling

Fig. 1

In HepG2 cells trans-signalling is stronger than classic signalling. HepG2 cells were stimulated with 0.08 nM (a) or 0.17 nM (b) IL-6 (blue) or Hy-IL-6 (red). STAT3 phosphorylation and expression of STAT3 protein, SOCS3 protein, and HSC70 protein were evaluated by Western blotting. Expression of STAT3 and HSC70 served as loading control. The expression of SOCS3 mRNA was analysed using qRT-PCR. Diamonds correspond to the mean and bars to the standard deviation of n = 3–4 experiments. Data normalization was performed as described in Additional file 1: Text S3

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