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Fig. 2

From: Overexpression of MTA1 inhibits the metastatic ability of ZR-75-30 cells in vitro by promoting MTA2 degradation

Fig. 2

Overexpression of MTA1 downregulated MTA2 which promotes the metastasis of ZR-75-30 cells. a MTA2 was downregulated by MTA1 overexpression. b MTA2 was overexpressed in ZR-75-30-MTA2 cell line. c Overexpression of MTA2 significantly promoted the migration and (d) invasion of ZR-75-30 cells in vitro. 50,000 cells migrated for 20 h. 40,000 cells, invaded for 2.5d. Scale bars = 200 μm, mean ± SD, n = 3,**P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001, t test. e MTA2 was knocked down by 2 shRNAs specifically targeting MTA2. f MTA2 knockdown significantly inhibited the migration and invasion of ZR-75-30 cells. 35,000 cells and 50,000 cells migrated for 36 h and invaded for 3.5d respectively. Scale bars = 200 μm, mean ± SD, n = 3,**P < 0.01,***P < 0.001, t test. g Overexpression of MTA1 did not repress the transcription of MTA2. Detected by qRT-PCR. Mean ± SD, n = 3, RQ value: relative quantified value of mRNA expression. h The protein level of MTA1 and MTA2 are negatively correlated in tissues derived from luminal B breast cancer patients. Detected by IHC. Scale bars in upper box = 50 μm, scale bars in lower box = 100 μm. i Both overexpression of MTA1 and MTA2 increased EMT landmarks Snail and N-cadherin

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