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Fig. 8

From: C3G, through its GEF activity, induces megakaryocytic differentiation and proplatelet formation

Fig. 8

C3G induces adipocyte density in bone marrow after tumor implantation. B16-F10 metastatic melanoma cells (1 × 106) were injected subcutaneously in Tg-C3G and WT-C3G mice. After 15 days of tumor growth, the bone marrow was harvested, fixed with 4% formaldehyde, embedded in paraffin and stained with H&E. a Representative images of bone marrow from femurs of transgenic and wild type mice. b Histogram represents the median ± SEM of the total adipocyte area relative to the bone marrow area. Mann-Whitney U test was done, but no significant differences were observed between Tg-C3G vs WT. c Box plot represent the median of the adipocyte size (μm2) of individual adipocytes. At least 4 different mice of each genotype were analyzed. Mann Whitney U test was done. ***p < 0.001

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