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Fig. 1

From: Tyro3, Axl, and Mertk receptors differentially participate in platelet activation and thrombus formation

Fig. 1

The similar expression levels of TAM receptors on the platelet surface and the decreased aggregation of Tyro3−/− and Axl−/− platelets, but not Mertk−/− platelets. The binding of anti-mouse Mertk antibody, anti-mouse Axl antibody and anti-mouse Tyro-3 antibody to resting platelets (a). Washed platelets from wild type, Tyro3−/−, Axl−/−, and Mertk−/− mice were stimulated with poly(PHG) at the indicated concentrations (b), 30 ng mL− 1 convulxin (c), 0.2 μg mL− 1 CRP (d), or 0.025 U mL− 1 Thrombin (e). Platelet aggregation over 5 min was detected by changes in light transmission. The bar graphs represent the change in percentage of light transmission. Mean ± SEM, NS = not significant, *** P < 0.001. One-way ANOVA and Dunnett’s multiple comparison test

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